recently watched movies (in order)

Pitch Perfect - Really like the songs. The whole thing was okay for me, but I did enjoy it. Personally could have done without the whole Jesse-Beca romance thing, but that’s just me, eh.

Rise of the Guardians - Watched it with elynight last week! I literally sighed at Jack Frost (no, really. Tooth’s fairies were literally me). I really hope it does well during its run, because it really is a gorgeous movie (it made my inner animation appreciator weep at its perfect) and its take on those classic characters are interesting. I really, really want to draw something for it again, but not sure what yet.

The Hobbit - Watched it with elynight the same afternoon as RotG LOL I’m sure you all know by now that it’s loooong. But I look forward to the next installment. I wasn’t bored for a minute, and I loved it thoroughly. It was definitely lighter than the first LotR movie, and I can’t help but appreciate it for that.

Struck By Lightning - Just finished it like, half an hour ago. It was so, so much better than I was expecting. Carson was a great character, I thought, and it really took me in an emotional ride, particularly during the last third or so of the movie.

Now, what did anyone think of Cloud Atlas? I’m thinking of watching that soon. The trailer confused me a bit when I watched it a while back, but I heard it was good or something?

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  2. fandomfunny answered: cloud atlis is good but you have to want to watch a movie that you will have to think about as opposed to just being entertained
  3. niecormier answered: Cloud Atlas may be good, but apparently there’s a fair bit of yellowface and stuff. :/
  4. elynight said: Aw yes~ We were totally fangirling quietly in our seats while watching them. Seriously, I’ve been reading nothing but Thorin Oakenshield/Bilbo Baggins since.
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