i doodled blaine as nightbird and sam as blonde chameleon popped out of nowhere and then suddenly this happened

sam what u doin get blaine down from there

Happy Holidays to everyone!!! 

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday!

Just a little Blainey for y’all. Been busy since I got home so I haven’t had the time to do much, so I whipped this one up real quick for you @u@ Hopefully, my break clears up after tomorrow so I can draw more.

finn gets by with the help of his fairy godfathers

i can’t even feel any remorse for this

Doctor Who/Glee Crossover, part 2:


Based on THIS post and THIS post. 

Part 1 here

Kurt peeled off his soiled clothes, which had slushie stains on them, and was determined not to cry. He put his shirt into the dirty laundry hamper and walked into his bathroom to clean up, then change. 

It was lunch hour and he had been slushied so badly at the beginning of lunch that he had decided he should go home to clean up (plus to his complete horror, he didn’t have a spare change of clothes in his locker). 

Twenty minutes later, Kurt was tying his bowtie carefully, completely cleaned up, when he heard the sound. 

It was a sound he hadn’t head for over 8 years. 

Without thinking, Kurt stumbled to the small window in his basement room, before remembering that he couldn’t see the backyard from it. He had changed rooms a few years after Blaine had disappeared. 

Kurt grabbed his bag and rushed up the stairs, running through the empty house, and to the back door. He wrenched it opened, looking at the blue box a few yards away from the house (this time fully upright, not crashed on its side). 

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omg omg omg

i would love to draw this….. one day